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'SARSO BIZNET International Pvt. Ltd. (hereby shortened as SARSO) adhered to its philosophy of SHARING ACHIEVEMENTS and REJUVENATING SOCIETY is the result of entrepreneurial spirit of its founders.

To SARSO, Wellness is a word which means Immense Positive Implications not restricted to merely the Physical or Emotional, the Mental or the Spiritual but should cover even the Financial and Social aspects of life.

SARSO Education is an exciting e-learning opportunity for anybody and everbody : working adults,students and professionals who want to further their careers without troubling their busy schedules . 

SARSO Education is available online and takes away all sorts of time restraints by offering a completely virtual learning experience, anytime, anywhere.

SARSO Biznet adhered to its guiding philosophy of making available to the common man what only the rich people can afford has shaped the evolution of the CLUB SARSO Program.

CLUB SARSO Programs offers a unique portfolio to enjoy life -energizing holidays at domestic and international top leisure destinations. These programs would provide the finest selection of holidays for you and your family, all the year at SARSO affiliated resorts.

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